Going Home

Going Home

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

I come from a long line of Soldiers.

My Great Grandpa, John Leo (Donohue) Kelly fought with Australia against The Boxer Rebellion in China.  He most likely worked as a Railway Man during the rebuilding of china.  He later immigrated to the United States as a Railway Man Supervising the maintenance of the way.  He had three children, the second was my Grandma Pat (Green).

My Great Grandpa, Herman Elias Green fought in WW1 Stationed in France, as a Horseman in in the trenches.  After the war he became a Railroad Conductor and Railroad Dispatcher.  He had five children, the oldest was my Grandpa, Keith Green Sr.

My Grandpa Keith Green Sr. Served in the Army Air Corps in WW2, as a pilot who flew supplies (gasoline and Chinese troops) over the Himalayan mountains between India and China.  He received a medal from Chan Quai Chek  representing The Order of the Flying Cloud.  After the war he became a general contractor Operating Diesel Heavy Machinery.  He had five children, the oldest is my father.

My Father, Keith Green Jr. Served in the Air-force during the Viet Nam Era.  He was Stationed in Italy, and Japan.  He was a Radio Intercept Analyst.  He learned several languages during his service.  After the war, he used his language skills to become an adult Education teacher, teaching students from many countries to speak English.  He has six children, I am the second.

My Maternal Grandfather Monroe Ellis Bounds -Served as a Sailor in the Navy Durring WW2.  He got Rheumatic Fever, and was in the Hospital on the Mainland for most of the war.  He later became a Tool and Dye Maker.  He had six children, my mother is the fourth.

I have often wondered what would have happened if my Grandpa Bounds had never gotten sick.  Would he have been on one of the many ships which were lost in battle?  Would he have been on the U.S.S. Arizona when it sunk in Pearl Harbor?  Many sailors were killed during World War 2.  Many of every branch of the military were killed in each of these wars.  But if any of these men in my family had died at war, I would not be here.  

On this Independence day, I wish to honor those who have served to protect this country, specifically these men of my family.  And I wish to thank my God, for preserving the lives of the soldiers of my family.  I love them, and am honored to be their daughter.  

Happy Independence day Daddy, Grampa, Pops, Grampa Kelly, and Great Grampa Green.  I love you. 


  1. Wow! What neat stories! I wish that I knew more about my Grandpa and his service. He was a POW at the Battle of the Bulge but was treated so horribly he didn't talk about it! What great examples they all were/are!

  2. Wonderful! You have so much to be proud of and grateful for Pam! So terrific! :-)