Going Home

Going Home

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Sixth Anniversary Husband!

16 things I love about you

  1. I love that you are so so funny, and that you love to do silly little things to make me laugh.
  2. I love that you think I'm funny.  Even though, sometimes I have to remind you to laugh, when I say something funny. 
  3. I love that you have Nicks Deli on speed dial, and that you made me put their menu on our fridge.
  4. I love when you tell me that I look pretty, or that you like my outfit, or my hair, especially when I am in a t-shirt and jeans, or just have a messy side braid in my hair.
  5. I love how you work so hard to provide for our family, and that you worked for several years to become a firefighter, and that you stuck with it, even though it was tough, and even though tons of people told you it was almost impossible to get hired, but you did it anyway.  
  6. I love how when you are home in the morning, you get up to get JP when he wakes up, so I can have a few more minutes of sleep.
  7. I love how you trust my intuition, and inspiration.
  8. I love how you drive like a race-car driver, even though it scares me when you thread the needle, because I know, that you know what you are doing, even though sometimes I act like you don't.
  9. I love how much you love our son, and how sweet you are with him, and how you run around and play with him.  He really loves you.  We are both so lucky to have you.

10.  I love how you like to surf and play sports, and that when you do, it makes you so happy.  I also love to watch you surf, and play sports, because I think you're hot, and you are good at all of them.
11.  I love how you appreciate me.
12.  I love how you always empty the trash, and do laundry, and dishes, and so many other things that  help keep our home clean and running smoothly
13.  I love how you love everyone, and how you really make people feel welcome and appreciated.
14.  I love how you see right through me, and call me out, even though I usually tell you that you are wrong when you do.  You are usually right.
15.  I love how you sometimes jump up in the middle of our living room and ask me to dance with you.  I love dancing with you.
16.  I love your face.  The same as I did when we were dating, and even more now.
    Happy anniversary Mikey!  These past six years have been awesome.  I have been through the greatest trials of my life, and you have made each one bearable.  You are truly my help-meet.  I will always love you, and support you. 

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